Sunday, March 24, 2013

Not-So-National House Cleaning Day

Today I have deemed Not-So-National House Cleaning Day.

Since I began my serious pursuit of writing, my house has suffered greatly.  My bathroom hasn't been scrubbed in an embarrassingly long time.  The last time my floors were mopped was in February.  Dust?  Cobwebs?  Yep.  I've got those aplenty.  (It is especially useful living on the edge of conservation land with my primary source of heat being a wood stove.  The conservation land provides the spiders and the wood stove provides the dust.  Together, my cobwebs are eerie enough to make even Tim Burton cringe.)

The time I would normally use to keep a clean and orderly household has been swept away.  In its place?  Writing.  So today I will take a break from my third draft of LitD.  Celia's grammar may not improve but the air quality of my log cabin will.

My question for you?
How do you balance what you love to do (whether it is writing, knitting, playing video games, gardening, swordplay, etc) with your responsibilities?