Mathematics? That she can do. And statistics? That's just applied mathematics. But nothing can prepare seventeen-year-old Celia Mayflower for emotions.

Celia knows the only way to advance is to be intelligent, industrious, and obedient. She does everything she’s supposed to do—until she witnesses a boy’s abduction by the very same people who make the rules.

Breaking form, she flees to the only place she can go—the perpetual blackness of the chemically-laden Woods—a lightless prison where all Celia’s logical inclinations mean little. The chemicals penetrate the darkness, allowing Celia to see more than just the criminals living there. She sees their emotions.

Now that emotions present themselves as colors, she doesn’t understand how to balance sense with sensibility. Emotions tell her to trust, while logic warns her against it. She falters and stumbles over her burgeoning love for a young man. She attaches herself with fierce protectiveness to a strange and lonely little girl, vowing to become her big sister and keep her safe. But then Celia discovers the young man isn’t who she expected, and the little girl also goes missing.

Celia might break. Or, she might do anything—anything—to get the girl back.

LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS, YA novel with a science fiction undercurrent, is complete at 78,000 words. 

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