Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blog post fail

Happy Halloween! I'd like to apologize to the family who came trick-or-treating to my door. This is my fourth Halloween in Middle of Nowhere Central Massachusetts and the first year I didn't buy candy. It was also the first year I had trick-or-treaters. 

I was going to post something about feeling like I'm in the twilight of writing, but I've lost it. My two-year-old insists on tickling my feet, and who am I to deny her the pleasure? My post was going to be something about being in between books--the whole I'm-querying-my-novel-and-waiting-to-hear-back-from-an-agent-who's-reading-it-while-trying-to-get-beyond-the-beginning-of-two-other-novels. But it's gone. Post fail.

Now my daughter is playing with a dead lightbulb. I need to rescue said lightbulb before my daughter breaks it.