Saturday, February 16, 2013

Least Favorite Things

One of my least favorite things about writing is being too tired to write.

I have little fondness for history.  My husband, whose degrees are both in history, understands this.  From time to time, he'll manage to offer me some excitement for a particular piece about which he is passionate, but that doesn't happen often.  Usually, I use him as more of a walking encyclopedia.  When miscellaneous questions cross my mind, I ask him about them.  He's generally pretty tolerant of my "What's the difference between socialism and communism?" and "Why did the Twenties roar?" questions.

This morning, when I couldn't sleep and had been lying in bed for quite some time, I asked him what the government would do if someone kidnapped the president.  He's not generally what one would call a 'morning person,' but start him off with a history question and that's better than caffeine   As far as he knows, such a precedent has not before been set.  He explained how events of that nature would probably occur internally, instead of one country actually abducting another's leader.  I was not content.  "What would be a country's motive for kidnapping someone's president?  They wouldn't do it just for resources, would they?"   He humored me and my questions with the patience only a teacher can muster.  He hasn't read a word of LitD, but he knew why I asked my questions.  Smart man.

All day long, as I busied myself with turning my husband's office into more of a bedroom for our toddler (For the past year, she has shared her room with him.  Now, as she's nearly two, and I've already caught her trying to crawl out of her crib, I've determined it will only be a matter of time before she manages it.  Then, my husband's computer will no longer be safe from her prying fingers.), I passed the idea through my head.  I needed to make this work.  Finally, I think I have it.  Now, I'm too exhausted to make much of it.

If anything, tonight will be akin to many of my most recent nights.  I will sleep soundly until 3 am, then wake up to too many ideas.  Well, here's to 3 am writing!