Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Computers and showers

I've decided I need a computer in the shower.

My daughter is not yet two, and like all children and cats, she is insanely jealous anytime I try to do anything that doesn't directly involve her.  That little girl must be stuck to her mamma's hip at all times.  So, when she was playing quietly by herself today, I decided that I might sneak in some writing.  With the stealth of a ninja, I turned on my trusty laptop and opened "Celia Mayflower.docx."  Two seconds later, Hazel was clinging to my shirt, whining "lap! lap!"  She took my laptop's place on my lap...top.  (sorry, I couldn't resist.)  Five minutes later, she determined she could play by herself.  When the laptop came out again, she returned (along with our kitten).  Laptop closed.  Lap free.  Laptop open.  Cat and kid.  Needless to say, Celia didn't discover what was in the subbasement of the industrial building until nap time.

In the evening, when I decided to take my shower, my daughter, faithful as ever, just *had* to be in the bathroom with me.  She played with her duckies on the tub while I washed.  It was the first baby-free time all day where she wasn't attached to me when I tried to do something.  Now, if I can somehow manage to bring my laptop into the shower with me, I may be all set.