Friday, February 15, 2013

A Couple Thoughts

Thought #1
The most recent lines in LitD I enjoy are:

"He thought for a moment you were going to kill him."
"I thought for a moment I might."

Thought #2
LitD has taught me at least one thing about myself.  You decide what that thing is.

As in many stories, there is a love interest.  When I reached the point where the two characters finally kiss, I found myself unreasonably uncomfortable and voyeuristic.  I wanted to yell at myself, "Seriously?!  These are fictional characters! They don't get privacy."  But here I am feeling as if I'm watching something I shouldn't be.  It's no wonder why, when I see couples making out in the hallway at school, I look the other way and quicken my pace.  I am not one of those teachers who interrupts them.  I'm far too embarrassed.

Update -- February 18, 2013
I just discovered how easy it is for me to write about the handling of firearms.  How strange it is that I cannot write about intimacy, but when it comes to writing about loading and shooting a gun I'm all over it.